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About Us

A dynamic 501(c)3 organization established in 2018, The Steak Club Foundation calls Cleveland, Ohio, its home. Rooted in a shared passion for service and philanthropy, The Steak Club transcends the traditional networking paradigm, emphasizing a deeper commitment to making a meaningful impact.

Our guiding principle, "No Service, No Steak, "underscores our belief that with privilege comes a responsibility to give back.

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At the heart of our mission are three pivotal pillars. First and foremost, we are dedicated to fighting food insecurity, recognizing the critical need to address hunger in our communities. Secondly, we focus on strengthening the urban core and lending support to children from families with limited means, acknowledging the transformative power of investing in the younger generation. Lastly, we extend our efforts to support individuals with developmental disabilities, fostering inclusivity and empowerment.

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Mission & Impact


Since expanding to Columbus, Ohio, in 2019, The Steak Club has been on a trajectory of substantial impact. Since 2019, our organization raised over $250,000 and donated to charities across the state. In 2023 alone, the commitment of our volunteers manifested in over 10,000 hours of community service and a staggering 27,000 meals prepared for those in need, a testament to the collective passion that drives our mission.

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Central to The Steak Club's unique approach is our Signature Dinners, where large groups of professionals gather around the dinner table. This setting becomes a platform for not only fostering connections but also instilling a sense of duty to serve. We understand that having a seat at the table is a privilege, and we are committed to utilizing that privilege for the betterment of society.

Our Story

     In 2016, Steak Club started as a table for nine at a restaurant on the east side of Cleveland with no purpose at all besides getting together to catch up over lost time.  After a few dinners, the table size grew to where we had our first private room and first taste of the wonders of a Wagyu steak.  Following that meal, one of the guys asked a simple yet profound question, “Will Steak Club buy a table at my charity event?” The answer was yes, and the Steak Club Foundation was formed. 


     Today, we keep the same formula as the first dinner: get great people together over a fantastic meal and amazing things happen!  We thrive on supporting our members through making meaningful connections for business or pleasure, but also by putting our network to work in supporting the causes that are closest to our members’ hearts. 


Relationships, Food, and Philanthropy... join us at the table to learn more. 


-Sean and Nolan

Our Story


Serving the homeless, playing sports with disabled youth, throwing a ball, and more events!

Board of Directors


Nolan James

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Sean Ward

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Ryan Gorczyca

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Chair of Service Committee

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Tyler Finkler

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Chair of Marketing and Technology


Mark Lapikas

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John Banks

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Strategic Initiative


Nicole Guizzotti

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Chair of Women’s Initiative


Matthew Byrnes

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Membership Committee


David Giancola Jr.

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Columbus Market Leader

Board of Directors

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Come to one of our events and experience what The Steak

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Help us advance our mission and make a difference in our local communities.

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